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Veterinary Nursing Team


Sarah Wagstaff RVN - Head Nurse
Sarah joined Spinney Lodge Vets after qualifying as a Veterinary Nurse in 1998, and officially became Head Nurse in 2010. Enjoying all aspects of her job, she especially enjoys dogs and exotics. She has a particular interest in anaesthesia and analgesia, and is always keen to further her knowledge of animal behaviour. Over the years she has acquired a menagerie of animals, including tortoises, birds, ferrets and many rescued cats and dogs. She is a strong believer in re-homing animals in need. Ted, her most recent rescue, can often be seen causing havoc at reception!


Sarah (Ward-Mundin) Johnston RVN
Sarah (known as Wumer) joined Spinney Lodge Vets in 2005 initially as a Saturday kennel maid. She says that she always had the desire to nurse animals and qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2008. For her, veterinary nursing is a vocation. Now married and with a family, Sarah still enjoys her nursing forming strong bonds with her patients and feels “invested” in them as she steers them on the process of rehabilitation and recovery.


Caroline Longdon RVN - Deputy Head Nurse
Caroline qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1997 and spent the first part of her career in a small animal referral practice working mainly with orthopaedic and intensive care patients. She joined Spinney Lodge Vets in 2003 and is an enthusiastic member of the nursing team. Caroline still enjoys working in theatre, but also enjoys running her weight clinic. She’s a mum to her young son and has three large dogs, including Chilli, a Husky cross that was brought into Spinney in December 2012, when someone found her in a bag in a layby, close to death. The Spinney team nursed her back to health, and Caroline happily took her home. A large and friendly Husky cross, Chilli is a frequent visitor behind reception at Spinney Lodge.

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Jessica (Bell) Heckford RVN
Jess joined Spinney Lodge Vets in 2001, when a career change saw her leaving a horse racing yard as a groom to re-train as a veterinary nurse. She worked as a trainee nurse for 2 years at the hospital before leaving to further her studies. In 2006 she returned as a qualified Veterinary Nurse and worked at Wootton Fields Veterinary Surgery branch until 2013 when she relocated within the practice to the main hospital. She has particular interest in small animal nutrition and has been running very successful weight clinics for our more portly pets since 2006. Married with two young sons, she is a busy lady with 2 dogs, a cat, 2 hamsters, 6 chickens and a horse.


Vicki Wilkinson RVN
Vicki has always loved animals and wanted to be vet or David Attenborough when she was younger! Her lack of enthusiasm for school crushed her dreams of becoming a Veterinary Surgeon, and no-one could replace David Attenborough, so she joined Spinney Lodge Vets in 2007 and in 2010 she qualified as a Veterinary Nurse. She has a keen interest in orthopaedic surgery and laboratory diagnostics. She says that it’s always satisfying to peer down a microscope to find an ‘itchy’ parasite or some urinary crystals. She says that every one of the team at Spinney Lodge Vets strive to provide the best supportive care to the patients they meet, and that veterinary nursing is a very rewarding career. Currently Vicki is mentoring some student veterinary nurses as their Clinical Coach, passing on her years of experience and knowledge to the next generation of Veterinary Nurses. With a young family and menagerie of pets at home, she is another busy lady on our team!


Rebecca Humphrey RVN
Becky is one of two Rebecca’s working at Spinney Lodge Vets. She graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, in July 2014 with a Veterinary Nursing Degree. Becky joined us in 2011, when she came to ‘see practice’, and has been with us for all of her practical training. She is enjoying expanding her knowledge on canine rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery, completing post-graduate training in Veterinary Physiotherapy. She has a soft spot for Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and loves being able to watch the patients return to full health after treatment.


Megan Spring - Inpatient Manager
Megan came to Spinney Lodge Vets for ‘work experience’ in 2007. She then worked as a Saturday kennel maid until she joined Spinney Lodge Vets as a trainee Veterinary Nurse in 2009. Currently as In-Patient Manager, she has a particular interest in orthopaedic surgical patients, their recovery, pain management and rehabilitation and when on duty can often be found cuddled up to them in their kennels tempting them to eat! She loves her job and loves to see her patients leave happy after their stay. She has raised money for a dog charity through organising several very successful dog shows and has her own young dogs, Cavalier cross Bichons, Mable and Betty.


Rebecca Page RVN
Becca is a qualified RVN. She has always had a passion for animals and grew up with lots of “furry friends”. She enjoys assisting in theatre and learning new skills. She is fascinated by lions and hopes to specialise as an exotic’s nurse in the future.


Joanne Underwood RVN
Jo qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1995. She joined Spinney Lodge Vets in 2009, working at Wootton Fields Veterinary Surgery. Jo enjoys gardening, growing vegetables and running after her family and to keep fit!


Lisa Chawner RVN
Lisa obtained an Animal Science degree in 2000 from Edinburgh University and then became a Veterinary Nurse in 2003. Lisa joined Wootton Fields Veterinary Surgery in 2008 and has a keen interest in dentistry and animal behaviour. She runs a well-attended dentistry clinic at Wootton. A busy mum, Lisa spends her spare time training and competing her 2 Exmoor ponies.


Vanessa Bradley RVN - Inventory Manager
Vanessa joined Spinney Lodge Vets as a Trainee Veterinary Nurse in October 1992 after moving to Northampton from Norfolk. She qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2000, after conquering her exam phobia! She has enjoyed all aspects of veterinary nursing, from staying up all night holding a paw to meeting happy clients with their new additions! Now as Inventory Manager, she manages all things associated with “drugs”, runs nurse and weight clinics, and occasionally sneaks back into kennels or theatre to do some “real” nursing! She has a Shire horse & two Border Terriers, all of which she loves spending time with.

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Jodie Harwood
Jodie joined us in January 2015 having never worked with animals before. Having always loved animals, with many pets, she now loves nursing animals. Working hard, she has gained her VCA (Veterinary Care Assistant) qualification and will continue her studies as she joins the Student Veterinary Nurse program. .


Laura Plowman
An experienced nursing assistant gaining most of her experience in emergency care, Laura joins our Veterinary Nurse team to further her studies. Surrounded by pets growing up, Veterinary Nursing was the only choice she could imagine. Out of work, she is a keen horse woman, currently bringing on a young horse.


Isobel Martin
Issy joined us as a “placement” student in 2015, whilst studying at Warwickshire College to become a Registered Veterinary Nurse. She fitted in well with the nursing team and when a slot became available she joined us as a Student Veterinary Nurse in 2016 to complete her studies.


Tiffany Forskitt
Tiffany joined us in 2016 already well into her studies to become a Registered Veterinary Nurse. She has enjoyed the challenges of working in a busy Veterinary Hospital, plus the mentoring support of the “qualifieds” within the practice.


Jade Corbett
Jade joins the nursing team as an experienced Veterinary Care Assistant to further her studies and become a Veterinary Nurse. Jade has always wanted to work with animals and is currently enjoying learning about surgery, and has a real interest in emergency care. She has a rabbit called Buns!


Chloe O'Sullivan
Chloe has joined the nursing team as an Apprentice Veterinary Care Assistant, hoping to go on to train as a Veterinary Nurse. She has always had a passion for caring for animals and loves being involved with all the animals we see. She has a Husky cross Malamute that she enjoys trying to train in her spare time!

Emma Roberts
An experienced trainee, Emma has joined Wootton Fields Veterinary Surgery to further her studies and formalise her qualifications.

Chloe Cooper-Hart
Chloe joins Wootton Fields Veterinary Surgery as an experienced Student Veterinary Nurse, hoping to complete her qualifications early in the year.