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Nurse Clinics
We offer nurse clinics at Spinney Lodge Veterinary Hospital and our Wootton Fields Veterinary Surgery.

These clinics are run by fully qualified and experienced Veterinary Nurses in which we are able to advise our clients on many aspects of preventative healthcare for their pets.

Weight & Dietary Advice
Obesity is an extremely common disease affecting our pets and is as unhealthy for them to be carrying extra weight as it is for us. Obesity has an adverse affect on their health leading to issues such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.

At this clinic the nurse will advise the optimum weight for your pet and set up a diet and exercise plan with you to help your pet lose those extra pounds. Once their target weight has been achieved we will assist you in maintaining a healthy weight for your pet.

We can also advise on supportive diets for medical conditions and specific diets and feeding amounts for all life stages.

Health Check
Your pet should have an annual examination and vaccination assessment by a Veterinary Surgeon. We recommend an interim 6 month health check by a nurse, especially for older pets.

This is a great opportunity for you to discuss any concerns you have with your older pet, such as mobility issues, behavioural changes and dietary requirements.

Nurse appointments are available Monday to Friday at Spinney Lodge Veterinary Hospital and Wootton Fields Veterinary Surgery.

Please call the surgery directly to book an appointment.

Spinney Lodge Veterinary Hospital call 01604 648221

Wootton Fields Veterinary Surgery call 01604 700366

Dental Health
The aim of this clinic is to offer advice on all aspects of dental health for your pets keeping your pet healthier and happier. A post operative dental check can be booked to help you to keep your pet’s teeth clean following dental operations and to reduce the need for further dental procedures.

During your appointment we will discuss a dental homecare plan which will help you to keep your pet’s teeth in excellent condition.
General dental check ups are available for any pet of any age - even kittens and puppies will benefit from a homecare plan.

Happy Hoppers
This clinic at our Wootton Fields surgery focuses on all aspects of healthcare and husbandry for rabbits and guinea pigs. At these clinics we offer advice on vaccination, neutering, healthcare, housing and nutrition.

Senior Wellness – Over 8s
As our pets get older it is important to have regular health checks to ensure any age related problems are detected early. Early detection can help us to manage age related illnesses effectively and allow your pet to have a longer, happier and healthier life.

Emergencies Telephone: 01604 648221


Nurse Clinics